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Helen Mulligan
MA DipArch MBA PhD

Helen Mulligan has been a director of CAR since 1990. Her role has been in business development and project management of research and consultancy in both public and private sectors. Her expertise is in climate responsive design; natural systems for commercial buildings; energy efficiency in the building stock; energy policy and emission permit trading; application of financial theory to sustainable decision making; and client consultation techniques.

Dr. Mulligan is a qualified architect and has also gained the degree of Master of Business Administration, which has broadened her familiarity with economic and financial contexts and extended her awareness of the relevance of her expertise to a wide range of business sectors. She maintains academic links with the University of Cambridge, where she has supervised a number of student dissertations at postgraduate and doctoral level.

As a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, her research topic at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development was Carbon Emission Permit Trading in the International Marketplace: Implications for the Built Environment. While at IURD, she co-founded the Shrinking Cities International Research Network, and subsequently led the contributions on environmental issues for a multi-author global study of issues associated with urban shrinkage and regeneration.

Dr. Mulligan has led the British contribution to a number of international projects. She co-ordinated the British project element of AIRinSTRUCT, an R&D programme sponsored by the European Union on the design and performance of advanced ventilated building components. For this project, she devised and implemented the workpackage programme; produced design, performance and construction specification for the project component on dynamic insulation, oversaw the construction of a full-size test rig and analysed the monitoring data; and reported to the client with technical implementation plan.

In collaboration with the national Building Research Institute, she led a consulting team in the design and construction of two residential projects in Beijing, China for a new 2,000 m2 building and the rehabilitation of a 1,800 m2 building. She analysed the scheme designs and devised optimal solutions within their constraints; planned and implemented a training programme in the UK for our Chinese clients; issued bilingual reports and delivered a series of lectures in Beijing on the projects.

In December 2013, Helen accompanied Prime Minister David Cameron on a trade mission to Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu as a representative of UK companies doing business in China.

Other research projects include work for the UN Commission for Human Settlements, several EU directorates and British government departments. A number of recent projects have featured inter-sectoral partnerships between commercial companies, non-profit organisations and government bodies.

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