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Helen Mulligan
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CAR analysed the embodied energy as well as ongoing energy use for a range of potential options for the extension and remodelling of the swimming pool and facilities at Southwell Leisure Centre, Nottinghamshire.

A significant improvement in national sustainability performance could be made, as a result of relatively modest contributions from literally millions of separate investments in the existing building stock. This opportunity depends on decision-makers and their professional advisors having access to information and tools to evaluate the sustainability performance of investment alternatives both in terms of capital investment and future carbon emissions.

CAR was part of a collaborative research project which aimed to provide such information and tools, taking examples in Southwell, Notts and Thetford in Norfolk. This was co-funded by the UK government under the Partners in Innovation programme. The main output of this research was a project evaluation tool which enables decisions makers who are investing in the existing stock to identify and implement sustainability improvements that are consistent with their own business or institutional objectives.

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