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The Global Calculator project overseen by DECC (now BEIS) was launched in 2016. The Global Calculator website has free and open access to the online tool, Excel model, methodology and a “how to” video. The tool has built-in pathways from a number of organizations, including the CAR Pathway.

The Global Calculator looks at all the options for meeting international targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions – from more renewable energy to changes in diet and artificial trees. It quantifies potential savings, based on the best available science, and shows how different policy levers relate to shape our future climate.

CAR completed quality assurance of the Global Calculator. CAR's work involved meticulous checks of the calculations and modelling behind the Calculator. We followed a four-prong strategy:

1. Manual checking of formulae
2. Semi-automated checks
3. Automated quality assurance testing, and
4. Expert judgement and sense-checking.

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