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Anderson Inge

Andy de Carteret

tel: 01223 460475

Delivery of good buildings demands a range of skills and sensibilities, and the judgement to manage these in a coordinated fashion with other building professionals. CAR architects share an ethos of rigour, an attitude that underpins all stages of work from feasibility studies through leadership of the design and consultant teams, and ultimately realised in construction. An aesthetic of material richness is complemented by skills in detailing, value engineering, documentation, and careful construction monitoring. We favour a contextual approach to design, an attitude that we apply in the sensitive development of newbuild as well as to the challenge of reuse of heritage buildings. CAR Architecture benefits from the multidisciplinary group of experts in related disciplines that make up the greater CAR team. Particularly valuable in our work are the CAR experts in the specialist fields of structural engineering, conservation management, building performance, and sustainability. CAR clients come from a wide range of private individuals, institutions, corporate clients, and public sector bodies. We are responsive to client direction as we develop imaginative, well-detailed design solutions. Director Anderson Inge is responsible for Architecture at CAR. Associate Andrew de Carteret also practices through CAR. The building design services offered by Cambridge Architectural Research can be hard to discern amongst the impressive range of its research sectors. Click here for a more extensive gallery and descriptions of CAR-Building Design services.

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