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Complex buildings have to be managed or they quickly go 'out of control'. A whole new breed of facilities managers are dedicated to the task of running these buildings efficiently. A key factor in this management process is energy, since its rational use is important to occupant comfort, to saving money and reducing environmental impact.

Benchmarking performance
With Eclipse Research Consultants we have developed a self-assessment matrix to help managers diagnose the state of energy management in their organisation. The matrix 'benchmarks' performance and helps focus on one area where progress and improvement can be made. As part of the DoE's Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme CAR and Eclipse introduced this matrix approach to over 2000 energy managers. Collectively these people manage energy budgets of more than £1 billion or 10% of all non-domestic energy consumed in the UK. Follow-up surveys showed that over half of them were making substantial progress in reducing waste.

Reducing waste
Energy statistics speak for themselves:

  • Over £10 billion a year is spent on energy in non-domestic buildings.
  • 10-20% of this energy is wasted.
  • This means £1-2 billion is literally going up in smoke.

CAR has produced a number of important guides for the DETR and the Energy Saving Trust aimed at helping a whole range of people from facilities managers in very large organisations to staff in DIY stores advising customers how to save energy in the home.

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