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Luca Leone
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The experience of disaster recovery operations over the last 25 years has shown that the decisions made, and the actions taken, in the immediate aftermath of a disaster are not only crucial to minimising casualties, but have a profound impact on the long term recovery and reconstruction of the affected settlements and the communities which inhabit them.

It is also the case that paradoxically, natural disasters, while a tragedy for the stricken communities, also present a window of opportunity while national and international attention is focused on areas that may have been neglected in the past. If the communities involved are able to grasp this opportunity and take advantage of external resources while maintaining control of the long-term recovery and reconstruction process, they can emerge from the disaster in better shape, physically, economically and socially, than if the disaster had never taken place.

Conversely, if the opportunity is lost, either because the post-disaster relief and temporary rehousing phases are poorly handled, or because of a lack of administrative capacity and preparedness, the disaster can lead to large-scale emigration and consequently the further economic debilitation of the community, and poorer long-term outcomes.

CAR has 25 years experience of monitoring, evaluating and advising on recovery after major disasters, ranging from formulating civil protection plans, producing design guidelines for building repair and reconstruction, urban regeneration plans, and advising on conservation of architectural and cultural heritage.

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