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At the University of Cambridge Department of Architecture in the 1960s, Sir Leslie Martin and Lionel March pioneered an understanding of the underlying principles that might guide urban planning. This enquiry was sparked by the debate about organic growth versus planned development, between natural cities that grew over time and artificial cities that sprang ready made from the drawing boards of master planners.

CAR follows in this tradition of enquiry and research. All cities are a product of both spontaneity and design. We believe in the need to identify both the patterns of organic change and the scope for guiding that change in a positive direction. Our mission is to provide research, evidence, ideas and advice to help make cities more efficient and sustainable and at the same time more liveable and humane.

Urbanism team

Stephen Platt
CAR chairman, social scientist and urban planner, specialist in consultation and evaluation

Peter Studdert
CAR associate, architect and town planner, former Director of Joint Planning for Cambridge growth areas

John Worthington
CAR associate. Focussed on the relationship between organisational and spatial design from the scale of the workplace to the city

Willam Fawcett
CAR director, architect, specialist in heritage and conservation

Diane Haigh
CAR associate, architect, former Director of Design Review at CABE

Tony Hargreaves
CAR associate, urban planner specialising in modelling sustainable city regions

Nichola Harrison
CAR associate, chartered surveyor, specialist in planning, transport and environmental strategy

Stephen Hill
CAR associate, Director C2O future planners, chartered planning and development surveyor

Luca Leone
CAR director, architect-planner, specialist in master planning

Helen Mulligan
CAR director, architect, specialist in environmental sustainability

Ian Williams
CAR associate, mathematician/statistician, specialist in transport and land use planning


Stephen Platt
01223 460475

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