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Stephen Platt
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There is currently a huge amount of public consultation about urban development and regeneration in the UK but little effective engagement with people.

CAR has extensive experience of involving people in the design and planning process. CAR has also developed a scenario tool called Informed Opinion that involves stakeholders and members of the public in thinking about strategic issues involved in urban growth and regeneration. This can be used to clarify the range of choices available and to help policy makers and the community set priorities and develop a plan.

CAR's consultation approach follows three principles:

Strategic: People make sensible choices if presented with good information.
Meaningful: Questions tackle issues that people care about.
Influential: People believe that their opinions will make a difference.

This engagement process creates a common platform that can be used by stakeholders to identify areas of consensus. Provided with a framework of options people are quite capable of making reasoned choices and trade-offs. Constructive dialogue between stakeholders can alter opinions about change and development.

See Building on the Past (2006) Editors Peter Malpass and Liz Cairncross. Chapter 10. Democracy and development. Stephen Platt and Ian Cooper.

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