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Stephen Platt
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Cities have always experienced change but, with globalisation, the speed of growth and decline is unprecedented. This is changing the character of places and is putting important aspects of cultural heritage at risk.

Cultural heritage not only determines the image of the city, but is also the essential ingredient in establishing the context that stimulates creativity. Cultural heritage reflects the ‘soul of the city’, and contains the essential elements to build a sustainable future.

Promoting cultural heritage is an important mechanism for sustaining a community’s self-identity and for generating growth and creative enterprise. It is also important in terms of tourism.

International tourism receipts are growing at about 4% per annum and stood at over US$1 trillion in 2011. Tourism is important, and in some cases, vital for many towns and cities. One of the key concepts in tourism management is what attracts visitors to a city. Culture is an important aspect of destination competitiveness.

CAR has developed expertise in the promotion of cultural heritage, conservation management, enhancing image and identity, and in creative industries and heritage tourism.

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