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Stephen Platt
tel: 01223 460475

Policy advice is about setting a framework to bring about a desired future. CAR provides evidence-based policy advice that can guide urban change and promote beneficial development.

Our broad involvement in many aspects of the built environment from pure research through design to implementation means that our advice is practical and business-like. We provide strategic policy advice and research to international agencies, national governments, regional partnerships, local authorities and the private sector. Our research informs urban planning, land use and transportation, housing, risk mitigation, economic development, funding, infrastructure provision, sustainability and climate change.

We anchor our advice in a thorough understanding of how people will react to a policy initiative. This may involve researching user reactions through surveys and modelling.

There are strong overlaps with CAR areas of expertise outside the urbanism group, particular in energy conservation and risk management. CAR consultants are helping clients, including city authorities around the world, to respond to climate change and to prepare and guard against natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods.

Shaping the future
Cambridge Futures
Planning new neighbourhoods in London and growth areas
Regeneration in East Lancashire

Urban resilience
Natural hazards
Climate change
Conservation planning

Partnership working across administrative boundaries
Funding and delivery mechanisms
Development priorities

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