About CAR


tel: 01223 460475

Chairman: William Fawcett

Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd believes it can provide expert advice for practically all questions that arise in relation to buildings and the built environment – especially questions that fall outside the usual professional boundaries.

CAR was set up in 1987 by researchers from the Martin Centre, the research division of Cambridge University’s Department of Architecture. The founders were motivated by seeing that many academic research ideas fail to connect with real world problems where they are needed. CAR’s mission was – and still is – to boost the contribution of research and analysis to the design and management of buildings and the built environment.

The membership of CAR has changed since 1987, but the nature of the organisation remains very much the same. It is an independent consultancy set up as a limited company owned by its members. It operates as a flexible, collaborative, multi-disciplinary group of experts, forming teams to respond to each new project that comes into CAR.

The skills within CAR are diverse. We have classified them under four service areas – Buildings & Cities, Structures, Energy and Risk. But we know that every project is different and the most interesting projects often cut across the categories. Working with CAR associates and a network of specialists who collaborate on a project-by-project basis, CAR’s project teams bring together the particular mix of skills required for each project.

Opportunities at CAR
CAR provides a framework for innovative and research-based consultancy by specialists in all aspects of the built environment, and is always on the lookout for new people to work through CAR and add to CAR’s scope of expertise. If you think that CAR might be provide a good platform for your own skills and activities in relation to the built environment, please contact the Chairman, Dr William Fawcett, to discuss the possibilities of joining CAR.