Stephen Platt

Stephen Platt

Stephen Platt is a social scientist with experience in urban planning, housing, energy use and post-disaster reconstruction. His main interest is in people and design.

His first degree in Economic and Social Studies was at the University of Manchester where he trained as an anthropologist. He has an MSc in Design Research from UMIST and a PhD in Architecture from the University of Cambridge.

He has worked on many aspects of design and the built environment from industrial design at the Manchester School of Art to urban and regional planning at the Ministry of Public Works and the UCV in Venezuela. At the Portsmouth School of Architecture, he specialised in housing and founded HART, the Housing Association Research Team.

He has been a director of Cambridge Architectural Research since 1990 and served as Chairman from 2001 to 2015. He has produced many energy conservation studies and building user surveys. He ran the public consultation exercise for Cambridge Futures on development and transport in the region, and has produced influential reports on housing and urban planning for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, CABE and the RIBA.

He taught architectural research at the School of Built Environment, Nottingham University, for five years. He is currently a member of the Cambridgeshire Quality Panel responsible for scrutinising plans for major growth sites in Cambridgeshire.

He has been studying disaster management and recovery since 2006 and has conducted case studies in more than a dozen countries hit by natural disasters of earthquake, storm and flood. He is currently writing a book on disaster recovery for Springer.