2012 World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lisbon

The CAR risk team took the opportunity of the 2012 World Conference on Earthquake Engineering in Lisbon to record interviews with some of the major global specialists on earthquake risk mitigation who attended the conference.

The 15 minute video, which was made and edited by Victoria Lee and Janine de la Cruz, and introduced by Robin Spence, consists of interviews with Charles Scawthorn, Former Professor, Kyoto University and Principal, SPA; Carlos Oliveira, Professor of the Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, CAR Associate Edmund Booth, Consulting Engineer: Andrew King, Engineering Risk Specialist, GNS, New Zealand and Fred Krimgold, Professor at Virginia Tech and Co-Director of the World Institute for Disaster Risk Management and World Bank Consultant.

The film also features a revisit to Lisbon’s Alfama District and interview with Professor Dina D’Ayala, who with Robin Spence, carried out a research project on strengthening historic masonry structures in this area during the 1990s.