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“Being part of a cohousing community means that your home comes with so much more; the opportunity to be part of a self-managing community with shared facilities, a shared intention to live in a more sustainable way.” (see the news article)

The opportunity to develop a site for the Cambridge K1 Co-housing group was facilitated by CAR, who provided development advice, assisted in acquiring grant funding to support the co-housing group through the process, assisting them in realising their aspirations as designs and specifications, providing design and engineering support.

CAR consultants worked with the local councils, developing the Cambridge Extension at Orchard Park to find a plot for the nascent Co-housing group, originally designated plot K1 and now developed as Marmalade Lane. The group wanted a community with shared values and an opportunity to support more sustainable lifestyles, and a development that might offer a shared garden and productive area, a workshop and gym, and a ‘Common House’ where community members can regularly eat and meet together and other facilities such as laundry, playroom, guest rooms and amenity spaces.

CAR facilitated regular meetings to enable the group to refine their intentions, resolve conflicts and achieve the possible. Practical planning workshops enabled the group to understand the constraints of the site, the planning process and the budget and visualise the alternatives.

CAR engineers provided technical support to the group, from the infrastructure surveys to modelling to assure that the building layouts were compatible with the most sustainable standards.

CAR acquired planning for the development and assisted the group in selecting a development team led by Mole Architects.

The CAR team included directors:

Jim Ross, Architect
Tyrone Bowen Infrastructure and structural engineering
Andy Brown, Energy and sustainability consultant

And associates:

Adam Broadway, Instinctively Green, Community involvement and engagement
Stephen Hill, C2O futureplanners, planning economics
Mark Smith, MARK Architecture, landscape and urban design


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