FCO Global Seismic Risk Assessment

Working with Edmund Booth, CAR were commissioned in 2012 to develop a comparative earthquake risk assessment of the FCO’s entire global estate, in such a way that the properties needing further, more detailed investigation, could be clearly identified. The first stage of the investigation consisted of a review of the seismic hazard at each of the FCO’s 350 posts worldwide, a ranking of the posts according to 5 levels of ground shaking hazard, and an identification of the posts with the highest level of hazard.

On the basis of this information FCO identified a number of posts with the highest priority for intervention, and for some of these, a more detailed examination of the seismic hazard and risk was carried out, using a wide variety of local data sources including detailed data on the structural vulnerability – structural system, age, height and configuration – and subsoil data. Fragility relationships were developed based on the data available in the CEQID global earthquake damage database. Finally risk ratings and recommendations for action on some dozens of properties in the priority locations were given.