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EEPI Map is a tool which enables photographs to be used to investigate building vulnerability to hazards, and analyse post-earthquake event damage patterns and shaking intensity. It is based on a comprehensive geo-referenced photographic database which contains attributes of buildings and engineered structures, and includes a large number of photographs from previous Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT) missions.

  • EEPI Map can be added to by the public or by professionals, using a mobile application under development, to upload photographs along with building inventory (pre-event) or building damage information (post-event).
  • Seismic Experts can inspect uploaded photographs via a web interface and assign geo-locations, building typologies and damage attributes
  • It can be searched on line to provide photographs and information on structures useful to engineers, researchers and practitioners.
  • Data is stored in an industry-standard geospatial earthquake consequences database structure.
  • It can be used as a framework to analyse the attributes of the photographs to give information on building vulnerability, damage level and in the case of earthquakes, predictions of shaking intensity.
  • Photographs and associated meta data can be extracted from the EEPI Map server through industry standard interfaces such as WFS and WMS.

See http://eepimap.com

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